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welcome to the point of view where the soul let go
to new heights in the music heaven.
The heiven of Spirit.
The serenity to accept peace in to our hearts.
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tap Star Gazing In The Night Sky
Star gazing in the night sky
Each star shining so bright
I take a look at each twinkling star
And begin to count each one in the night
Thinking of you as if to count each one
As the breeze so slowly and gently picks up as if to whisper to me upon my ear
As a chill fills the air and rustles through my hair
As if you were here and running your fingers thru my hair
Imagining sitting on a blanket with you at my side
Radio silently playing
As we stare upon the stars gazing into the night sky.
Thinking of you tonight by my side
Star gazing in the night sky